Grandmother cell not very disprovable

One objection to localized coding (grandmother cell) is that you can't find it anyway. Well, not so, because a localized coding system will almost always manifest as a sparse coding system (or even highly distributed), given a hierarchical model.

SQLAlchemy, Random tips

Some obscure points to note when using sqlalchemy:

Bibpdf, a simple reference manager

This is a paper management system that is light (and easy to change) but with some important features others lack. It is supposed to be used with bibtex only, but should work with anything that eats .bib files. With setuptools, it creates a script named 'pdf'

Github Repo

Setup mpyls(microsoft python language server) with vim

A common pulvinar retinotopic organization for primate species

There just need to be a post on my recently accepted paper: Pulvinar Retinotopy of a Prosimian (bush baby) The basic idea is this: people had looked at the pulvinar of two and half primate species. The two species (macaque and cebus) have been reported to have different retinotopic organizations. The difference would be interesting for evolution people, but would pose a problem for people who just started unveiling the function of pulvinar. Now, let's look at an earlier species. Which species does its pulvinar look like more? What pulvinar features are common for all three species?