Bibpdf, a simple reference manager

This is a paper management system that is light (and easy to change) but with some important features others lack. It is supposed to be used with bibtex only, but should work with anything that eats .bib files. With setuptools, it creates a script named 'pdf'

Github Repo


  1. faster at including pdf file, cleaner database, cleaner .bib output. never name tag conflict (as sometimes seen in Mendeley or Zotero).
  2. output all papers logged in database to a single .bib file so you can use for latex documents.
  3. exposed database with simple structure, so you can use sqliteman or other browsers to do complex search. File name contains enough information for simple search
  4. search papers written by author or by keywords
  5. everything is fast. makes you wonder why Mendeley freezes at some simple operations
  6. eat big .bib files for easy migration from existent management systems


See --help. It uses a paper archive folder, a temporary folder where pdf file and new .bib files are found, and a comment folder where comment files go. The paths of the folders are configurable in ~/.config/bibpdf.json This script also supports multiple files for a single paper.